He had one day’s worth of facial hair

“A man who stole $115 from a Git-N-Go just after midnight left the store after shedding his hat and jacket.
Police officers found a W-2 form in one of the pockets, which provided the suspect’s personal information, according to the police report. When officers checked the name on the W-2, results showed that the 25-year-old man has a suspended driver’s license and is currently on probation for theft charges.
The store clerk described the man as a “white male in his mid to late 20s, approximately 5’10, 180 lbs., with dirty blond hair and possibly blue eyes. The suspect had one day’s worth of facial hair.”
Officers said in the report that the clerk’s description matched the information they gathered after checking the name on the W-2. Before officers found the W-2, they used K-9 to track the suspect’s scent to the area around 40th Place, but did not find the man.
Police continue to investigate.”



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