Semen is not compost-able. Do not take the law into your hands !

“In San Francisco’s era of mandatory composting, city officials want you to obey the law. But they do not want you to take the law into your own hands.

Regardless of what awaited behind the green door, sexual fluids are unwelcome within the green bin, according to the city’s Department of the Environment.”

They don’t know from whom America had declared independence

At least according to a new Marist poll, which says 26% of people in this country don’t know that the U.S. declared its independence from Great Britain.

If you are a French civil servant you can claim the prostitutes’ charges from the State as your travel expenses

Zoé Shepard, her pen name, confirmed France’s worst fears about its “fonctionnaires” – its 5.2 million civil servants – in a book recounting how they compete to see who will hover longest at the coffee machine, draw up sick notes to stay weeks away from the office or while away the day on Facebook.

In Absolument Dé-bor-dé (Absolutely Snowed Under), subtitled How to Make 35 hours Last a Month, nepotism is rife and taxpayer’s money wasted, with one local civil servant even signing off his visit to a prostitute as “travel expenses”.